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Motorcaravan Collection and Return

The specific times will be arranged between the hirer and the owner of the motorcaravan. Most hire customers arrange to leave their car with the motorcaravan owner as their car replaces the motorcaravan. Parking is at your own risk but if it is safe for a motorcaravan it is generally safe for your own car.UK Motorhome HIRE Photo

The daily hire insurance runs from 9.00 am to 18.00 hrs and remember to allow for delays as a late return will incur an additional day's hire charge. You are entitled to have the motorhome for this period but the specific times you collect and return are to be agreed with the owner.

The motorcaravan owner will spend as long as necessary to ensure you are familiar with the operation of all equipment. They will complete the paperwork with you and complete the hire handover. If you are working to a schedule allow about 45 minutes for this.

The motorhome or motorcaravan must be returned by 18.00 hrs on the due date. There are penalties for late hire return and since you may not be insured, you may be committing a Road Traffic offence.

Please contact the Motorhome Group if you have a problem. It is not possible to extend the hire term after collection.

Motorcaravan Hire Inventory

Basically, all cooking and eating equipment and outdoor folding tables and chairs are provided as part of the hire. All you have to bring is bedding, usually bottom sheets, duvets and towels.

Motorcaravan Hire Safety

All our motorcaravan's are fitted with belted seats to match the number of available berths. Some motorcaravan layouts have more berths than belted seats or side facing seats where belts are not fitted. For safety reasons we disregard the additional capacity that these layouts provide and limit the capacity to the number of berths or the number of belted seats whichever is the lower figure. It is always the driver's responsibility to travel passengers safely within a vehicle.UK Motorhome hire Photo

All children under the age of 12 must be restrained in a suitable car seat until they reach the height of 135 cms. This means baby seats for children weighing up to 13 kgs., child seats for children between 9–18 kgs., booster seats for children between 12–25 kgs. and a booster cushion for children aged six and over. The rules are the same as for travelling in cars and they must be belted at all times whilst travelling.

It is illegal to exceed the gross mass of the vehicle which is the sum of the mass of the vehicle, the mass of the passengers and the payload. The maximum payload including passengers is shown in the description of the models.

A fire extinguisher and fire blanket is fitted to all our motorhomes. You must turn off the gas at the bottle before travelling. You are advised to bring your own first aid kit.

Motorcaravan Hire Travel in European and Ireland

UK Motorhome hire Photo

If you intend to travel to Europe or Ireland during your hire, please check that this is permitted when you select your motorcaravan for hire. Most motorcaravan owners will permit this as shown in the hire travel permitted to box. They will then ensure that the motorcaravan is prepared to comply with the appropriate regulations.

Generally, this means they will supply headlamp beam deflectors, warning triangles, safety jackets and spare bulb sets.

The Motorhome Group will also arrange the appropriate driving insurance cover and breakdown cover for your hire. The breakdown cover provides roadside assistance, a courtesy car, overnight accommodation and repatriation of your party and the motorcaravan if necessary.

If you Breakdown or the Motorcaravan is Damaged

In the unlikely event of a base vehicle breakdown, roadside assistance will be provided by national breakdown organisations in the UK, Europe and Ireland. We insist that the Motorhome Group is contacted as soon as possible for every incident including a puncture.

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If the motorcaravan is damaged either outside or inside or something fails, we require you to contact us as soon as possible so that we can arrange supply of replacement parts or repair. If at all possible, we will arrange repair to minimise any inconvenience; however, spare parts are not in plentiful supply and unfortunately mechanical parts can fail or accidental damage can occur.

We do stock common parts and in the past we have sent replacement water pumps or rear light clusters for collection from a camp site as this has been the quickest way to solve a problem. We also have a nationwide network of repairers so we are well placed to co-ordinate assistance if needed.

Searchable Motorcaravan Park database

Searchable Caravan Park database This website is one of the UK's largest motorcaravan park databases which specialises in caravan parks throughout the UK and in Europe. Most of the motorcaravan parks are wheelchair accessible for disabled caravanners. An ideal resource for your first National hire.